Testimonials: What People Say About Us!

“While preparing myself for doing research in Brazil, finding a good private teacher for learning the language wasn’t easy. I was very happy that I found Sheila’s language program and although I had no intention of going to Salvador and my research location was in a totally different part of the country, I decided to go for it. And I am so glad I did. It turned out to be what I expected, professional, well prepared and organized and with a special personal touch as charming as Brazil itself”.

Mieke Kuiters :: 37 :: The Netherlands.

“Sheila was able to offer exactly what I needed – a course that enable  me to learn what I needed to learn…and quickly! The style of teaching and communication was on my wave –length and in addition to learning the language, I learnt about Brazilian life and culture. Sheila was highly professional and able to adapt her teaching to suits my needs. You feel she really cares about each individual”.

Marie-louise Coster :: 27 :: England.

“Sheila definitely has a way to reach to the student. She makes sure you  are understanding and learning and that you can apply it to the real world. Most importantly she loves what she does and she is always very enthusiastic which makes you even more interested on Portuguese. Finally you have the beach only three blocks way! Perfect  place to rest after class”.

Tonio Tello :: 36 :: Seatlle, WA.

“Sheila classes in Salvador, Brazil were the most enjoyable- and most effective language classes I’ve ever taken, and the excursions offered an inside view of the area that simply would not have been possible without her”.

Charlie Geer :: 42 :: USA.

“As a student of foreigner languages for many , many years and as a language teacher myself I admit  I have extremely high  standards. With Sheila I hit the jackpot! With on obvious passion for language, for teaching and for the people in general, along with her professionalism, she was a joy to work with. Her years of varied teaching experience makes Sheila a walking easy-to-understand textbook waiting to be opened. I love my time studying with her and I am totally satisfied with the results”.

Ruth Fleming :: 26 :: Brisbane, Australia.

“After studying with Sheila, I was able to have more and better conversations with people and meet more Brazilians, because I could finally communicate! It was so exciting and  I looked forward to my language skills getting better and better. She is a great teacher and both S.J. and I learned a lot”.

A.C. :: USA.

“Sheila, the native-Brazilian instructor at Basica Lingua is a multi-lingual (Portuguese, English, Hebrew and Japanese) sophisticated world traveler. She is absolutely trustworthy. Although she refers to a textbook, she has the ability and flexibility to adapt, utilizing whatever learning methods (music, magazines, films) are most appropriate for the class/student”.

Tracy Gayton :: 48 :: Maine, USA.

I was in several language schools before. In my eyes, Basica Lingua is outstanding because of: – the way the language program was customized on my requirements. – The enthusiasm Sheila is teaching and the way she motivates you to learn. – The simple matter that she speaks several languages and therefore knows what it means to learn a new language. – The great home-stay she arranged (without charging a fee!)

Marco G. :: 22 :: Swiss 

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