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Portuguese Immersion Program & Brazilian Culture in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

Básica Língua is a Portuguese language program located in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil — run by Sheila Waksman — a widely-travelled multi-lingual Brazilian teacher — the program based in the neighborhood of Barra, an area replete with restaurants and entertainment, within easy reach of Salvador’s Historical Center, just 5 minutes walking distance to the beach, and with a wide range of public transport.

The program offers private & semi-private instruction in Brazilian Portuguese in small group classes as well as online.

Before coming, students have the opportunity to avail themselves of an online Portuguese “survival” course, arriving with the basic language skills necessary for navigating their first days in Brazil.

An option which works well is online Portuguese study, followed up by in-person lessons here in Salvador.

Speaking Portuguese — at least to some degree — is an essential part of the Brazilian experience, and we’ve been helping people do this for a couple of decades now.

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